President’s Welcome

On behalf of the executive I welcome you to the Australian Association of Developmental Disability Medicine (AADDM). As Acting President I have the privilege of working on behalf of all members. Together we aim to promote a better understanding and response to the mental and physical health needs of people with Developmental Disabilities through advocacy, peer education and support.

The Australian Association of Developmental Disability Medicine strength is in the passion and diversity of the membership. We welcome medical professionals across a range of disciplines as well as Nursing and Allied Health Clinicians. It is this diversity of skills and knowledge that is so generously shared as we strive towards closing the health gap that people with developmental disability experience. AADDM has played an important role in advocating for acknowledgment and action on the stark health inequalities that people with developmental disability still face in Australia.

We are in a pivotal time to enact real change. These health inequalities have been detailed through the work of the recent Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of People with Disability. There is support across all sectors that we can do better than we have in the past. Consider joining with us on this journey as we work with people with disability, their supporters, research organisations, policy makers, services and governments, to improve the future health and wellbeing of people with developmental disability. AADDM welcomes new members; details are available here.

Alexis Berry
Acting President, AADDM