Reece Adams was appointed as the Head of the CDDH in late 2019. His appointment follows three previous leads of the CDDH; Steve Trumble (1991- 1997), Bob Davis (1997 – 2013) and Jane Tracy (2013 – 2019).

Reece has a background in Occupational Therapy with a strong commitment to human rights and improving the health and lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Reece’s 17-year career in the disability sector has included the roles of: Disability Support Worker, Occupational Therapist, Lead Researcher for the CDDH and now Head of the CDDH. He has worked with people with complex physical and behavioural needs, and has a broad and deep clinical experience and understanding of the needs of people with disabilities, particularly intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Reece brings to the role as Head of the CDDH clinical knowledge and experience, a passion for improving equity in healthcare and improved health outcomes for people with disabilities, and deep compassion and strong advocacy to his work. In 2020/2021 Reece has worked at a national, statewide and health network level to improve the support for people with a disability during the COVID-19 pandemic. Reece continues the work of CDDH leads before him, developing and strengthening partnerships across the disability sector to continue to improve the health outcomes of people with disabilities.

AADDM members Bob and Jane greatly enjoy working with him, see him as a fantastic new Head for the Centre, and look forward to the outcomes of the new initiatives he is undertaking.