Since April 2020, Prof Nick Lennox has been working with the Australian Government Department of Health as a senior advisory on disability and health. The role has two substantial areas, the Department’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the development and roll out of the National Roadmap to improve health services for people with intellectual disability. The roadmap has a whole of life perspective and has been informed by many people, including people with intellectual disability, their family and paid support staff, as well as self-advocates and advocacy organisations. Many members of AADDM have provided input into the development of the Roadmap, including Dr Jacki Small, Dr Jane Tracy, Prof Julian Trollor and Mr Jim Simpson.

Nick continues to advise the Department on how to best implement the roadmap initiatives, and is pleased that the Department has emphasised the input of those with a lived experience. He looks forward working with other AADDM members to maximise the health and well-being gains for all people with intellectual disability during the implementation of the roadmap, as well as the ongoing response to the pandemic.