The AADDM Position Statement, The Importance of Physical and Mental Health for People with intellectual Disabilities in the Criminal Justice System, was released in May 2017. Dr Angus Buchanan, President Australasian Society for Intellectual Disability (ASID), recently indicated that ASID was endorsing the position statement. He commented that it was an “excellent position statement”.

In recognition that more than half of the people in the criminal justice system had a coexisting mental health problem, AADDM recommends a timely review by medical practitioners with access to advice from specialists in ID to determine appropriate treatment and management for anyone suspected to have a mental health problem. Furthermore, for any people with challenging behaviours, including all people for whom restrictive practices might be considered for safety, a positive behaviour support plan should be implemented under the guidance of a professional trained in developing positive behaviour support plans.

Please click here to view the position statement.