Associate Professor Lynette Lee MBBS MSc Health Policy PhD FACRM FAFRM(RACP) FRACMA FPFMANZCA

As one of eight people present at the very first meeting of what was to become AADDM, Associate Professor Lynette Lee has been championing the needs of people with Intellectual Disability (ID) for probably more years than she cares to admit. She has held senior roles in medical administration, clinical rehabilitation medicine, professional development and training, academics and in the disability sector, all the while pursuing improved healthcare for people with ID.  Lyn was recently awarded her PhD for research on Demand planning for specialist medical services for adults with Intellectual Disability in NSW 2003 – 2043.

Lyn, with the support of a small band of rehabilitation physician colleagues developed the curriculum in the Australasian Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine on Intellectual Disability and the first accredited training position solely in a Developmental Disability Service.

Recognising early on the need to contribute to the growing research interest Lyn developed a health assessment tool which she then used in her own database. Lyn has extensively investigated and reported on the health of people with ID who are living in the general community, ageing or living in institutions, and this has been used to positively influence health policy in New South Wales.

Lyn- we thank you for your tireless efforts as an advocate and clinician working to improve the health of people with Intellectual Disability.

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